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Hattrick Press

11-30-2017 Hattrick Masters MVP

maryusika (9674615) had an impressive run in Hattrick Masters after he won the title in Yemeni League. Here are his matches played in the most important competition between Hattrick club teams:

R1: (614845185)
R2: (614963357)
R3: (615037481)
R4: (615064683)
R5: (615123624)
Qf: (615159159)
Sf: (615207031)
F: (615248294)

With a little over 4 goals on average he is one of the most prolific champions Hattrick ever had.
Join us on this interview to see his thoughts about his achivement, his team and Hattrick in general!

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11-10-2017 You know you play too much Hattrick when...

This article is a translation from a French external article about Hattrick: (
Dating from 2014, but which is still relevant for many of us, as we celebrated, two months ago, the 20th anniversary of Hattrick!

In these days, virtual football doesn't sum up to FIFA, PES and Football Manager. There is also Hattrick, a free on-line game about football management, and in which there are still 250,000 active users or so. A strange and fascinating world, where football is reduced to statistics, called PIC, TSI and SE. A game in which you can go deep down, body and soul.

Anyway, you know when you are playing too much Hattrick when...

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9-22-2017 Interview with 'The Conquer of Two Worlds'

Everyone knows how hard is to win a big competition in Hattrick. Everyone knows how hard is to win multiple times different competition in Hattrick. But how hard (and beautiful) is to win multiple competitions with different teams in the same time? We asked questions to someone who already achieved it: GM-Zabal (7562577)!

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8-30-2017 Happy Birthday, Hattrick!

30th August 1997. Or, otherwise said: The day when everything started. It is the day when Hattrick was launched and, since then, the history is still getting written.

But where are we right now? Well, it's 20 years later, in 2017 and, in all this period, a lot of extraordinary things happened through this wonderful game - there are friendships that will last forever, a lot of memories regarding matches, trophies, forum topics and a lot of HT-Meetings. I am pretty sure you have experienced all of these, but let's think about how the owners and developers of Hattrick must feel all these wonderful 20 years - I guess it's like growing your lovely child and now he's an adult, you have to be proud of him!

But those are my words, so... You are invited to read a special article for the 20th celebration of Hattrick with, you guessed!, the HTs. :)

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7-3-2017 Safi Experiment

How many specialists do you have in your team and how many goals do you score due to specialties? What is the optimal specialist strategy for a top team?

Safi Experiment was set up to attempt to find a specialties strategy superior to the ones commonly employed. Now it has finished and its time to look at the results.

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5-13-2017 Meeting the teams with best ratings from Hattrick International

The very first season of Hattrick International came to an end. There are many users with different strategies in their mind, aiming to reach the best ratings as soon as possible or to simply focus on training at first.

We can see here:
(/World/Leagues/Stats.aspx?LeagueID=1000) the teams with best ratings of season 1.
As you might already think their managers main idea was oldies are goldies, but, if you want to find out a little more about their strategy, we invite you to read the entire article and join them on forum (17098056.1) for more questions.

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1-22-2017 Long Shots team wins the Supporter Week Trophy

The Supporter Week Trophy is a competition that many would like to win. Not only for the trophy in your prize shelf, but because the winner goes home with lifetime Diamond Supporter. 😉

peikonpoika (1934878) won the trophy this season, with his team, FC Kobrakäsi (556643), playing Long Shots tactic. It has never been done before! He kindly accepted to answer some questions and we hope that you will enjoy the reading.

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12-21-2016 Hattrick International is coming!

Ho ho ho, Christmas is nearly here! And same is Hattrick International!!!
Have you signed up yet? If not, you're only one click away - (/World/Leagues/HattrickInternational.aspx).
If you have any questions, please check (17042529.1) first, they might have been already answered.

So what is it about Hattrick International? That is what we asked a few people in the game. We hope that you will enjoy the reading.

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12-11-2016 How I won the Masters

For the first time in history, an additional club wins the most prestigious trophy in Hattrick, the Hattrick Masters.
There is no doubt such a result in such a competition takes a lot of effort. 'After all, when it's all said and done, there can be only one', to quote a classic film and TV series from the '80s and '90s.
Yet, it is a premiere. The first additional club that grabs this trophy is Ancient Wolves (2045393), club managed by Mr-Alex (2043077).
An adventure like this, under the given conditions, with a rather limited amount of time in order to build such a competitive team, it's worth perhaps being shared. Here is how the encounter went.

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11-15-2016 U-20 Medal Winners

It didn't pass too much time since the U-20 World Cup came to an end. Well, that means we have some medals that are now shining into prize shelf of some countries. It surely had to be a lot of dedication from the coaches to get that far into the competition, so I decided to find out from them how was their semifinal and to tell us their thoughts on the most expected match - the final.

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