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Tiene 69 regiones y se encuentra en América del Norte y Centroamérica. Moneda que utiliza: US$.

De un total de 2 728 equipos disponibles, de los cuales 2 181 están activos, 50 están ahora conectados.

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Hattrick Press

12-4-2018 The US National Teams

Winning a medal with a national team is the greatest success a nation can achieve in Hattrick. Even by acknowledging that this is a very difficult task to accomplish we cannot be satisfied by winning only one medal over the last real life decade.
A strategy to improve our chances is discussed and several useful links for youth academy optimization, player development and involvement in the national team community are shared.

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10-25-2017 Interview with ‘The conquest of two world’s’

Everyone knows how difficult it is to win a big race in Hattrick. Everyone knows how difficult it is to win several competitions in Hattrick. But how difficult is it (and beautiful) to win several competitions with several teams at the same time? We asked someone who has already accomplished this feat: GM-Zabal (7562577)! (original article (20189) written by HPE-regia5 (911825), translated by HPE-JTWetzel)

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12-3-2016 USA U20 Expansion!

The USA U20 manager summarizes the current state of our country's U20, includes links to lots of information and forums, and makes a crucial request.

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9-13-2016 NT Players

In this guide, I’ll try to explain the different types of skills and how they should be trained for NT players.
I’ll refer to how the Italian NT players are trained, but I think this advice is good for medium to large countries, for small countries it could be more useful training different types of players.
The skills that I’m going to suggest are for players 28-29 years old, when they could play on their countries NT.
Remember: for the salary (every time the player plays for his NT, 33% of his salary is paid if he plays for a foreign NT, 40% if he plays for his country) and for the experience (a single game in NT counts as ten games in his team).

It won’t be a “mathematical” article: right now, it’s running studies to find the best skill combination to have the best chance to win. It will be possible to make an article about these studies, but here the focus here is to understand the different types of players and their training.

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2-17-2016 U20 101

On the eve of our country's first appearance in the semi finals in 10 real life years, we wanted to make sure that everyone in the USA knows how they can support the development of the next generations of U20 teams.

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2-17-2016 Hasn’t Happened in a Decade….

Something will happen this week that hasn’t happened in 10 real life (RL) years, 17 World Cups, and 34 seasons….

THE USA WILL PLAY IN THE SEMI-FINALS OF THE U20 WORLD CUP! Led by Manager LA-Jashaz and supported by Head Scout elcasar and a team of scouts, trainers, and advisers, the USA escaped Round IV by beating Austria on Goal Differential. Did you miss the excitement? Let’s relive Monday’s game day experience as told through the highlights of the match and some of the posts in the USA U20 World Cup thread…

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12-2-2015 FOUR EASY Ways to Improve Your Team

I recently watched an infomercial, where a man who flipped houses was trying to sell me a dvd/book/blueray/brochure that would unlock the secrets to making 100k a year in your spare time. It was 3am, and a bachelor party weekend. The boys and I had had it rough, so we stopped to listen to this guy talk about nothing for 10 minutes. This is just like that, but different.

If you already do these things, please ignore me. If you don't, and are stuck in the quagmire that is HT-USA VI-V, doing some of these things may change your fortunes.

If I was selling something, I'd say "YOU COULD WIN THE ML!!!", but I'm not, so I'll just say you might have more fun (as long as you find winning more games 'fun').

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7-27-2015 Life and Hattrick

The realm of Hattrick touches many people in many different way. This article covers some of the ways that Hattrick may impact ones daily life.

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4-4-2015 Hattrick Forecast?

With the current announcement of the price increases for Hattrick Supporter there has been a lot of backlash amongst the loyal managers of the game. With doubts and skepticism already looming, what does the price increase really mean?

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2-28-2015 End of Season Feelings

The end of the season is a time of many different feelings from manager to manager. Some will be rejoicing and enjoying the sweet taste of champagne as they may auto-promoting, others will be biting their nails hoping to win that challenging qualification match, while some managers will be sad because they will be directly demoting or fighting for their lives to stay in their current division and lastly there will be those managers that are staying exactly where they are for another season because they ended up being a middle of the road team in their respected series. Regardless of the standings, each manager will have some type of feelings.

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