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Hattrick Press

3-1-2019 Developers Conference

As announced in the editorial on the 11th february 2019, Hattrick's developers will meet for a conference this month (in March), to reach new goals and facilitate an exchange. As part of the community, Hattrick Press wanted to share all wishes, suggestions and advices from the community. For a proper future.

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11-26-2018 Interview from 11 years ago

Over a decade ago the HT's wanted to publish a book for the 10 year anniversary of Hattrick. This was never published, but the interviews are still lying around. Here is my interview as the president of the Flag Chasers Community (12497) back in 2007.

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11-17-2018 Hattrick International - best 8 managers

Started on January 9th 2017, Hattrick International is one of the most interesting competition from our beloved game.
Two weeks ago we found the name of the first human international champion, mihaitzah (9660840), who won the title in the last stage of the season.
The other 7 managers who made it to the top league for the very first time, after a race of almost two years, should be very proud as well.
We've asked them all about their HI experience and their successful strategy. Check out the answers and ask them more yourself on dedicated thread: (17221488.1)!

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11-3-2018 Streaming on HatTwitch with Uncle-Mish

For a lot of managers, the Hattrick community is one of the prime features of the game. And, as communities go, they need people to make and keep them attractive. One of the community members that really get this is Israeli manager, Uncle-Mish (11419808), who has even expanded the HT community to YouTube and Twitch.

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10-19-2018 Miracle on the field

Pakistan has truly given us a true underdog story that we can all somehow relate to. It brings back stories like South Korea making the semi finals of the World Cup in 2002, or Leicester City winning the premier league against all odds. What could a country of 82 active users actually do? We dive deep into how Pakistan made it through a brutal qualifying campaign and how we managed to cope against all odds and expectations.

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6-3-2018 About HT-Arena and building an own personality in the game

It's not a secret that the HT-arena is slowly disappearing from the Hattrick world. It is also not a secret that the role of this CHPP website throws on the shoulders of the club owners a lot of challenge and responsibility. The most important is persistence, which lacked the most, and practically this was the main reason for that high "mortality" of subpages created for the clubs.

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4-3-2018 Golden generations in U20: "makes competition worse and more based on luck"

Golden generations have been a cause of fierce disagreement between people engaged in the national teams of Hattrick. Many argue that the experience advantage of golden generations are unfair or harmful particularly for the U20 national teams competition. In this interview, I asked goomikko (8865918) what is wrong with golden generations and how the problem could be resolved.

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1-12-2018 U20 World Cup / Qualify

It's time for looking forward to the new upcoming U20 World Cup qualify. New U20 coaches, new groups and new adjustments to the game-engine makes the upcoming U20 qualification very interesting.

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11-30-2017 Hattrick Masters MVP

maryusika (9674615) had an impressive run in Hattrick Masters after he won the title in Yemeni League. Here are his matches played in the most important competition between Hattrick club teams:

R1: (614845185)
R2: (614963357)
R3: (615037481)
R4: (615064683)
R5: (615123624)
Qf: (615159159)
Sf: (615207031)
F: (615248294)

With a little over 4 goals on average he is one of the most prolific champions Hattrick ever had.
Join us on this interview to see his thoughts about his achivement, his team and Hattrick in general!

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11-10-2017 You know you play too much Hattrick when...

This article is a translation from a French external article about Hattrick: (
Dating from 2014, but which is still relevant for many of us, as we celebrated, two months ago, the 20th anniversary of Hattrick!

In these days, virtual football doesn't sum up to FIFA, PES and Football Manager. There is also Hattrick, a free on-line game about football management, and in which there are still 250,000 active users or so. A strange and fascinating world, where football is reduced to statistics, called PIC, TSI and SE. A game in which you can go deep down, body and soul.

Anyway, you know when you are playing too much Hattrick when...

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